Lama Ole Nydahl

September 21, 2017

Dearest friends,

The happy generations are those who appear in times when groundbreaking useful deeds are possible—deeds that point to what is lasting in human life and that offer the chance to actively engage in a great, deep, and meaningful project, thus adding ultimate meaning to one’s fleeting life.

These are the lifetimes that one does not forget. The usual historical periods are nothing special in comparison, although they can still be experienced in quite exciting ways on the inner level.

In our times, a very special blessing arises through rediscovering the highest initiations, treasures, and possibilities. That is the most important thing we can do.

Economic models and political ideas come and go, and do not have this lasting power. But when we allow ourselves to shed the veils, hindrances, and unclear ideas that confuse us and waste precious years of our life—there we find opportunities to see the world on a mature, awake, and fully aware level.

And why is the present life so precious and full of possibilities? Because of the freedom we have to bring together 1.5 million euros in four weeks to give a seat—and thus enduring security—to our precious transmission lineage in our new capital-city center in Berlin.

This center will be the head of our work in Germany, and this inspiration will radiate to other European countries and foster widespread growth.

If we want it, we can do it!

In this age and in this place, there is nothing more important we can do!

Yours, from San Francisco,

Lama Ole Nydahl

May we manage it!